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Best Bird European Style Conditioning & Rearing Softfood

Auction for 1kg
Repackaged to make it cheaper for you the consumer. Brand new bags heat sealed & includes instruction sheet.

Egg enriched
For all canaries and finches
Builds healthy robust chicks
Brings birds to top condition
Convenient and easy to use

A high specification egg enriched softfood for canaries and all species of finches. Formulated in the European style to keep birds in condition, especially during the breeding season and moult, it is also a superior food for the raising of healthy, robust chicks with a minimum of effort. As it already contains egg is not necessary to add more. It is to be used in conjunction with a standard seed diet.

Best bird European style softfood is a valuable source of both vegetable and animal protein in readily digestible, highly palatable form. It includes the entire range of essential animo acids and has the high energy levels, vitamins and minerals required by both developing chicks and adult birds alike, for the growth and maintenance of all healthy body tissues.

European style softfood contains blue maw which is a small seed containing relatively large quantities of essential fat soluble vitamins and trace minerals,. In addition to its nutritive advantages it has a beneficial setting effect on canaries and finches while they are incubating or feeding chicks

Wheat, corn, high grade Soya protein isolate, blue maw seed, calcium and magnesium carbonates, vitamins and minerals.

Protein 16%, Carbohydrates 63%, Fats 5%.


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