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Lorikeet Mix – Dry Best Bird1Kg

also available in larger quanities please ask

Best Bird Dry mix is a specially formulated and balanced, maintence diet for Lorikeetsin a dry, palatable form enriched with honey and fruit.
Dry Mix is ready to use and should be available at all times. At normal daily temperatures and humidity it will not sour or spoil provided it is kept dry enabling several days supply being offered at one time.

Ingredients: Rice, Wheat, Glucose, Corn, Fruit, yellow pea meal, High grade soya protein isolate, Non fat dairy solids, Honey, Whole egg solids, Calcium and Magnesium carbonates, Vitamins and Minerals

Gerneral AnalysisProtein 12%, Fat 3%, Fibre 1.5%, Salt 0.15%, calcium 110mg/100g, magnesium 60mg/100g


Price: $14.00

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