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Finches make perfect pets as they are very quiet and easy to care for.
There are hundreds of different species of Finches along with many varieties of colours and patterns.

Some varieties don’t require a large amount of room so can make a good apartment pet.

Finches are unlike Cockatiels and Parrots as they do not need to be handled. Finches like to play amongst themselves so it is a good idea to keep more than one.

Tui Finch Mix is made up of a healthy and nutritious mix of small seeds that finches can easily digest.

Product Formulation

Hungarian Millet
White Millet

Tui source a high proportion of seed from within New Zealand, with the balance sourced from quality approved and focused suppliers around the world.
Importation is necessary as some seed varieties are not grown in New Zealand.


Finch Mix: Hungarian Millet, White Millet, Canary, Rape


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