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Aqua One EcoStyle 37 Rectangular Aquarium 21L
Ecostyle from Aqua One is their new stylish affordable aquarium range for today’s modern home.
With proven features and design inspiration taken from the ever popular Aquastyle range.
The trickle filtration system, complete with carbon cartridges to ensure superb crystal clear water. This is all housed under the modern curves of the aquarium hood.
Also housed under the aquarium hood is the latest in aquarium LED lighting, with superb lighting output to show the colours of your fish, along with great plant growth, whilst being extremely energy efficient.
Comes complete with Wet and Dry Filtration system built into the hood, includes pump, media and background
Excellent LED Light Unit
Note; an aquarium heater is not included
24 Deep x 37 Wide x 35cm High

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Price: $110.00

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