Apple Snail

Apple snails can live together with most fish without problem, but snail eating fish species should be avoided (obvious). Also many fish will try to nip at the tentacles of the apple snails, but that should not be a problem, as the apple snails will adapt quickly by keeping their tentacles under their shell. In general at least 10-liter water for each medium sized apple snail is advised. Furthermore a coverplate to close the tank of is necessary in order to avoid nightly escapes. You won't be the first to find your snail on the ground!An airspace of several centimeters between the water and coverplate, to provide these snails with fresh air, is a necessary. Even they do have gills besides their lung; they will drown if left without air. In case one would like to breed these snails, an airspace of about 10-cm is a needed because the snails will otherwise have difficulties to deposit their eggs above the water.

Apple snails are very easy when it comes to food and they eat almost anything they can tear pieces off and put in their mouth. Vegetables like cucumber, spinach, carrots and lettuce, fish food, dead fishes, other snails and their eggs, algae, brine shrimps, they eat it all.

Because apple snails have large amount of microorganisms in their intestines, to help digesting the food, the water can become cloudy as these microorganisms are expelled with the faeces. This is not directly harmful and can even be beneficial as a food source for you fish. Good filtration and limiting the food supply can reduce this side effect.

currently approx 2.5-3cm

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