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A natural fine silica sand specially for aquariums.

This substrate creates a great contrast with your fish, plants and other ornaments and is perfect for any cold-water, tropical or marine tank.

Plants love it as there roots can spread easily.

This looks Fantastic in any aquarium!!

This sand is inert so will not alter PH

Easy to clean just like normal you use a siphon. Most people say if they do happen to suck any up its only about a teaspoon fill which you can put back into the tank.

25kg is the correct amount to do a 4cm layer in a 90cm long x 46cm wide
(3ft x 18inch)

To work out how much you require go to and choose sand silica

If you don't clean it first to pull the cloudiness created by the silica dust out of the tank add filter floss to the filter and change/clean floss 2-4 times a day for 2-3 days this will clear the water. The dust in the sand is very fine and filter sponges are to porous to catch the sand dust so we add some filter floss to grab the dust particles.

The cloudyness does not hurt the fish it's just not nice to look at. I personally don't was the sand and just filter the cloudyness out in my shop tanks.
Delivery is to non rural address as per Post Haste Couriers
Please ask if you are Rural delivery
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