Brine Shrimp

JBL Artemio Fluid 50ml

JBL Artemio Fluid is a liquid food consisting of ultra-fine homogenised phytoplankton and other essential nutrients for breeding Artemia nauplii (brine shrimps). Artemia nauplii are only able to feed from the third day of life onwards. Therefore only begin to add JBL Artemio Fluid on the third day after the nauplii have hatched. Slowly add a few drops of food into the brood container until a slightly greenish discolouration can be seen. In order to ensure that the water quality in the brood container remains good, only repeat the dose when the water has been completely -eaten clear-. To rear Artemia nauplii to adult brine shrimp it is recommended to have a water volume of al least 10 litres. This amount of water requires the addition of approx. 300 g salt additive (e.g. JBL Artemio Sal). Moderate water movement should be produced by aerating with an airstone, in order to make the food float and therefore be accessible to the shrimp.


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JBL Artemio Pur – Brine Shrimp Eggs 18 grams

JBL Artemio Pur – Brine Shrimp Eggs

Net weight 18g – 40ml
Artemia nauplii

Home-grown live food: put the eggs into saltwater and you have your own live food after 24 hours.

Top quality Artemia eggs with maximum hatching rate.

Packed using nitrogen to guarantee hatching rate even after long storage.

Includes practical dosage spoon.

Fishes choice – recommended for all:-

Freshwater fish incl Guppies, Tetras, Swords, Platies and Barbs

Seawater fish incl Damsels, Clowns & Angels


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JBL Artemio Sal 200ml (Special Salt for Brine Shrimp)

JBL Artemio Sal 200ml (Special Salt for Brine Shrimp)

JBL Artemio Sal is a special salt to produce the culture solution required to successfully breed Artemia nauplii (brine shrimp). JBL Artemio Sal contains microalgae as an initial food and a buffer system to maintain the optimum pH level.

Instruction for use: 3 level measuring spoons JBL Artemio Sal for 0.5 l tap water. Contents: 230 g for 7 litres culture solution.


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