JBL NobilFluid Artemia

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JBL NobilFluid Artemia

Liquid breeding diet containing brine shrimp and vitamins

  • For fry of egg-laying fish, which are too small for powder food. Contains brine shrimp to facilitate growth.
  •   Ultra-fine homogenate of over 50 raw ingredients.
  •   With a special multivitamin complex and stabilised vitamin C.

Type of product

Main food

Analytical components

Crude protein 48.00 %
Crude fat 5.50 %
Crude fibre 2.50 %
Crude ash 10.20 %


Vitamins, provitamins and other chemically defined substances with a similar effect (per 1000 g)
    Vitamin A     10000     I. E.
    Vitamin B1     40     mg
    Vitamin B2     100     mg
    Vitamin B6     40     mg
    Vitamin B12     500     mcg
    Vitamin C(stable)     600     mg
    Vitamin D3     900     I. E.
    Vitamin E     35     mg
    Biotin     500     mcg
    K3     10     mg
    Folic acid     2     mg
    Nicotine amide     400     mg
    Ca-pantothenate     400     mg
    Cholinchloride     400     mg


Artemia 10.00 %
water 90.00 %
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