JBL NovoBits CLICK 110g

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JBL NovoBits CLICK 110g

Granules for discus fish and other hard-to-please tropical fish

With the Click dispenser lid: 1 x click for 5 fish of 6 - 15 cm length.

  •   Enhances the colouration of the fish through high-grade astaxanthin and carotenoids.
  •   Does not discolour or stain the water.
  •   The food container is freshness sealed under the dispensing lid. Phosphate contents precisely balanced for reduced algae growth and optimum fish growth.
  •   With natural vitamin E and stabilised vitamin C.

Type of product


Analytical components

Crude protein 46.00 %
Crude fat 6.00 %
Crude fibre 3.00 %
Crude ash 10.00 %


    E 306 (natural vitamin E extracts)
Vitamins, provitamins and other chemically defined substances with a similar effect (per 1000 g)
    Vitamin A     25000     I. E.
    Vitamin D3     2000     I. E.
    Vitamin E     330     mg
    Vitamin C(stable)     400     mg
Colouring %


Molluscs and crustaceans 27.50 %
Cereals 25.99 %
Vegetables 12.50 %
Vegetable by-products 12.25 %
Oil and fats 1.00 %
Fish and fish by-products 20.76 %
    Fish protein concentrate
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