JBL NovoRift

JBL NovoRift

Food sticks for grazing cichlids from African rift lakes. Specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of Tropheus, Pseudotropheus species etc. With protein-rich spirulina algae. With natural Vitamin E as antioxidant

JBL NovoRift contains a selection of vegetable raw materials in a well-balanced combination, specially attuned to the feeding requirements and habits of Cichlids from the East African rift valley lakes. Thanks to its small size JBL NovoRift is readily eaten and enjoyed by Cichlids. Valuable vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids and carotinoids promote resistance and ensure healthy growth and lively colours.

Ingredients: vegetables, cereals, algae, yeasts, crustaceans, minerals. Feed several times a day in small portions which should be consumed within a few minutes. Complete pet food - no artificial colouring Contains E 306 antioxidant.



Crude protein 31%
Crude fat 3%
Crude fibre 5.5%
Crude ash 11%
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