Anubius Nana

Anubius Nana

Common Name: Nana
Proper Name: Anubias barteri 'Nana'
Category: Anubias and Lagenandra
Temperature: 21 - 30 C
PH: 5.0 - 8.6
Lighting: Low
Growth Rate: Very Slow
Difficulty: Easy
Position in Aquascape: Foreground

It can be attached to logs in an aquarium to form lovely tropical scenes.

Anubias nana is a hardy plant that is an aquarium favourite among many hobbyists. This rosette plant may reach up to 6 inches in length and has beautiful dark green leaves in low, handsome clumps. They usually have diagonal lines running from the centre vein to the leaf perimeter.
Anubias nana has tall, variable foliage that is usually pointed to ovate. It prefers moderate lighting, an alkalinity of 3 - 8 dKH, and a pH of 6.0 - 7.5. When planting the aquatic plant, take special care of the rhizome and the roots

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