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Albino Common Plecostomus

The fish sold as a Common Pleco in fish stores is normally no bigger than 5-10 cm but this doesn't mean that it will stay like that forever. In the case of the common pleco, you should expect your fish to eventually reach a size of 30-60 cm

Plecos are nocturnal creatures that are quite passive during the day

Large adult specimens normally need at least 200 - 375 litres

It is important to cover the aquarium when keeping pleco because they are capable jumpers. In the wild, plecos can use this ability to escape to better conditions during dry periods. They can not really travel on land, but they are strong enough to wiggle their way from a shallow puddle to deeper puddle in a drying riverbed. To a certain extent, they are capable of absorbing oxygen directly from the air so they will last longer on land than many other fish. If you come home and find your pleco seemingly unconscious on the floor, you should put it back in the aquarium because it might not be dead yet.

Do not let the water go all the way up to the lid, because the pleco wants to be able to swim up to the surface and gulp air. The fish uses the air to control its buoyancy.

The water temperature should be kept in the 20-28 degrees C (68-82 degrees F) range and rapid changes in water temperature should be avoided.

In addition to dry prepared foods, give your  pleco some fresh fruits and vegetables. You can for instance serve cucumber, zucchini, squash and similar vegetables. Lettuce and other leafy vegetables are also highly appreciated. There is no need to boil of blanch fruits and vegetables. A practical way of feeding pleco is to get a vegetable holder for the aquarium or make one using a clothes-pin or similar.

Last but not least, an aquarium where you keep pleco should always include driftwood since the fish needs wood to chew on. Wood is an importance source of fibre for plecos.


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