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Ancistrus Bristlenose - Ancistrus Bristlenose - Long Fin Albino


Grow to 10-13cm

Tropical Fish

Members of the Ancistrus group make superb aquarium catfish because of their algae cleaning behaviours. For general algae film removal these fish are ahead of the rest resulting in a clear view without the use of a glass cleaning magnet. Bristlenose catfish are able to do this because they have a sucker mouth with rasping teeth ideally suited to an algae diet. These fish also serve the purpose of cleaning up excess fish food as part of their feeding habits.

As the name suggests bristlenose catfish develop a bushy growth around the snout area.

Great Community fish

Photo off the web.

Please note that delivery charge includes chilli bag or box, 40 hr heatpad, and courier fees.

I can combine delivery with other fish and plants

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