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Prime Performance Agility Dog Formula 500mls

High Energy
Cariovascular Health
Joint Health
Balanced 1 Omega3 : 2 Omega6
Gamma oryzanol and Vit E
Prime Performance Agility Dog Formula  is a new generation blended oil and is formulated keeping in mind highly active dogs which are more exposed to injury, muscle pain, and inflamation. With highlevels of Omega3 it can reduce the pain and inflamationrelated to high activity, work stress and lactic acid build up which can affect the cardiac system, including the heart and eventually all organ systems in the body.
Unlike the other sources of energy fat provides an almost inexhaustable source of energy. Aerobic metabolism of fat is likely, therefore, to provide most of the energy for agility dogs. A lean body condition score of 4-5 for most agility dogs on a 9point scale is probably ideal because it will reduce the momentum that must be overcome when turning corners and ill probably improve performance. It will also reduce pressure on joints and may extend the active life of those breeds of agility dogs which are prone to arthritus.

The right balance of Omega 3 and Omega6 EFA's in Prime Performance will help the dogs to recover from the pain and inflamation quickly after a hard day out. Prime Performance has a high amount of Gamma Oryzanol which has showen positive effects on muscle definition and performance and may lead to lean body mass. It is a natural antioxidant and along with natural Vitamin E in Prime Performance can prevent Oxidative stress and build up of free radicals which have potential to damage fat in the cell walls. It can lower blood cholesterol. Prime Performance cab also enhance skin, coat condition and sheen.

Prime Performance also contains natural Lecithin which has showen to enhance training, memory and learning ability. It also helps absorbtion and utilization of Vitamin A and Caotene in your dogs body.

Feeding Guide: pour 1ml per Kg body weight of oil over food daily

Ingredients: Crude non Winterized unrefined oil of bran of Oryza Sativa, Oil of Linum usitatissimum, Liquid Soy lecithin, Garlic Oil


Price: $35.95

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