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Live Mealworms plus a home to keep them in.

Available in  Medium (1-2cm) size or small (1 cm)  .

They come in a container With a mesh lid , bran bedding/food and a piece of vegetable ready to live in until fed to your pet.

Mealworms are extremely easy to keep. Mealworms are easy to store and easy to feed.

Mealworms make an excellent live food source for small mammals, reptiles and birds.
Small mealworms are an excellent live food for birds, turtles, reptiles, frogs and aquarium fish. In addition, small mealworms are particularly suitable for feeding nestling birds and young birds just learning to feed themselves. Small mealworms are a particularly popular live food source for Australian Grass Finches and other small finches.


currently out of stock Large  over 2.5cm(currently out of stock)

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